Goodbye For Now

Well, I haven’t had any updates in a while and this tumblr had to end at some point. I’m within my 30-day mark of shipping off to basic training. I have a lot of stuff I need to take care of before I leave- it takes time to make gifs and cutting up Adventure Time and I don’t have much of it right now.

I’m not gonna delete this tumblr though, I see more people are still reblogging things and finding stuff on it. Maybe I’ll be back in a few months with some new posts with all the new seasons that will have come out by then.

Keep on adventuring dudes and dudettes, it was fun. If anyone cares, feel free to go to my personal tumblr to follow me on my personal adventure (right now it’s flooded with Hunger Games stuff tho… just sayin’)

Bye all!

Dang. They almost got us, but I think we fit in pretty well now.


Now it’s time to get back to Adventure Time.